FAQs About The Haunting Experience

1. How old do you have to be to enter the HE?

We recommend 12 years and up, but it is up to the individual child. It is a high scare haunt!

2. How long is the wait time?

This will vary from night to night, but Fridays and Saturdays are the busier nights and will get busier closer to Halloween. We offer a Fast Pass to avoid the long wait time.

3. Are haunters allowed to touch you?

We have a “no touch” rule, but there could be some incidental contact.

4. Can I go through just one part of the experience – (ex. Just the hayride, not the haunted house)?

Yes you can, but the price remains the same whether you go for the whole experience or just part. We recommend you go through the whole Haunting Experience.

5. How long does it take to go through all of the attractions?

It takes 45 minutes to an hour to go through the haunted hayride and haunted houses.

6. Are you closed if it’s raining?

We run the HE rain or shine. If the fields are too wet for the hayride, we will still operate the haunted houses at a discounted price.

7. Is alcohol allowed in the Haunting Experience?

No, we do not allow alcohol in any part of the HE, but we have a Beer Tent on most nights. The beer must be consumed in the Beer Tent.

8. Are you wheelchair accessible?

Yes, we are fully wheelchair accessible.

9. Do you use strobe lights?

Yes, we do use strobe lights in the haunted house. We can make accommodations for medical reasons if you tell us before you enter the haunted house.

10. Do you have to pay for parking?

No, parking is FREE.

11. Do parents/chaperones waiting for kids to go through the HE have to pay an admission?

There is no admission charge to people not going through the HE. You’re able to have concessions in the front building, shop in our store, or sit by the bonfire.

12. Can I get thrown out of the Haunting Experience?

If there is reason to suspect you are intoxicated, being aggressive or hostile, we reserve the right to remove you from the premises.