• Cell Block 61

A First of its Kind Event

This isn’t your ordinary haunted house. And it isn’t exactly an escape room, either. It’s a mashup of both; and it’s for adults only. This unique 18+ event might shock you. It might trigger you. It may very well have you more terrified than you’ve ever been in your entire life. Consider this your warning.

Will I be asked to sign a waiver?

By purchasing a ticket for this event, you agree to read, understand, and sign our consent form which explains to you the rules of this attraction. Please read this consent form carefully before deciding if you would like to move forward with your purchase.

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Cell Block 61 Frequently Asked Questions

Cell Block 61 is a brand-new attraction so we thought we’d put together a quick FAQ for fans. This will highlight the difference between the Cell Block and our other attractions.

What is Cell Block 61?

It’s a mash-up between an escape room and a haunted house. The attraction will begin with you being locked in one of a series of cells where you will have to solve a clues and riddles to escape. This will include up close interaction with our own brand of criminal element. It doesn’t end at the cells though… After you get out of the cells you still need to find your way through the near pitch-black haunted house avoiding the criminals who may just detain you again.

The approximate run time is 45 minutes.

Is it part of the Haunted House and Hayride?

No, this attraction is run independently of the Haunted House and the Hayride.

They are on different nights and will require separate tickets. We highly recommend you check out both, we’ve got new rooms and scares for you in the house this year.

Is it on the same nights as the Haunted House and Hayride?

No, Cell Block 61 will be run on different nights. It isn’t part of the regular Haunted House, but it does use some of the same hallways/walkways/rooms/etc. Our website details which attractions are open on which dates.

Why the age restriction and waiver?

This attraction does carry some risk of injury. You might run, you might jump, you might fall. To reduce this risk, we are requiring participants to be at least 18 years of age and to waive our responsibility should you trip, fall, etc. Please note, we have taken every precaution possible to avoid the possibility you’ll be injured. Also, there may be use of offensive and/or vulgar language and simulated situations.

What if I get too scared?

A safe word will be provided before you enter the cells. If it becomes too much for you, say the safe word and we will remove you from the attraction. No refunds will be issued if you become too scared, that is the point after all.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

Not for the Cell Block. Spaces are limited. Tickets for a specific timeslot must be booked and paid for online.

I love the Haunted House and Hayride, are they going away? 

Never! The haunted house and hayride is our passion and it’s not going anywhere. It will be running on different nights than the Cell Block and will remain at 12+ years old for entrance with NO WAIVER required.

If you have any other questions at all, send us a message or give us a call. Happy Haunting!

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