Halloween Attractions in Minnesota: Find Your Kind of Thrill

Come Halloween season, the eerie side of Minnesota is brimming with terrifying, one-of-a-kind experiences. For a real hair-raising adventure, dare try The Haunting Experience’s spine-tingling Halloween attractions in Minnesota.

Far from those pumpkin patches and haunted mazes, houses, and hayrides filled with noticeably fake props, our attractions are built for serious thrill-seekers. These unleash all sorts of “demons” and trails of nightmarish characters.

Numerous Halloween Attractions to Choose From

From The Manor House to Zywiec’s Corn Maze, every Minnesota haunted attraction here has lots of terrifying thrills, and are filled with Hollywood-quality props and teams of horrifically talented actors. But what sets each one apart is the use of the surroundings — they’re spooky even without the monsters.

And if the gore, assault, and psychological torture don’t scare you, we don’t know what will. This is the real deal.

You’ll find all the usual horrors here — sinister clowns with twisted, unnatural smiles, decaying zombies, axe-wielding serial killers, winding corridors, and claustrophobic tunnels. Whichever you choose, you’re in for a night of terror you won’t soon forget.

Don’t just settle on a mediocre Halloween. Try The Haunting Experience in Minnesota — we go above and beyond the usual horror attractions. (And by “above and beyond”, we mean straight to hell, and we’re bringing you with us.)
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