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The Haunting Experience offers the scariest haunted house attractions in Minnesota. Located along Highway 61 in Cottage Grove, it’s become the premier haunted house in the Twin Cities area, challenging thrill-seekers from all over the state. With a terrifying haunted house experience and the longest-running haunted hayride in MN – prepare yourself for over 37 years worth of terror and insanity. Navigate the haunted house’s winding corridors and be mortified with diabolical sights, sounds, and smells. Wander through the remains of an abandoned hospital and witness the twisted experiments that will leave you with nightmares for days.

Get your tickets now and visit our haunted house in MN this October…if you dare.


A haunting experience like no other

You will have the choice of starting out with the hayride or the haunted house. Test your mettle through one of the scariest haunted houses in Minnesota and walking trails that you’ve ever encountered. When you enter the long-standing Haunted House, prepare for thrilling entertainment by a living breathing, ever changing. . .

group scared at haunted house in twin cities


It’s easy to talk about your dream home with family and friends, but a house of terror so much more thrilling to talk about! To prepare for your frightfully amazing time in our Halloween haunted house in MN here are a few reminders of what to expect:

We strictly observe a “no-touch” rule, but incidental contact remains a possibility.

Alcohol isn’t allowed.

There are strobe lights in the attraction. We can adjust them for you for medical reasons.

Wear your most comfortable clothes and shoes.

Our best haunted house in MN is ready for you. But are you ready to be our guest?

Why Guests keep coming back

Thrill-seekers all over Minnesota take the trip to Highway 61 for our haunted house attraction. Here’s why people keep coming back for our haunting experience:

It’s a great bonding experience with your family and friends. Nothing brings people closer than a shared experience. And few things are more remarkable than our haunted house experience.

Guests of all ages are welcome to our haunted house. From teenagers celebrating their last year in high school to groups of grown men on an annual trip, we’ve seen it all. Everyone is welcome here at our top haunted house in Minnesota.

The History of Haunted Houses: From Folklore to Fright Fests
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