the Haunted Hayride

The History of Haunted Houses: From Folklore to Fright Fests

Embark on a chilling journey like no other at The Haunting Experience’s haunted hayride, the scariest attraction in Minnesota. Join your family and friends on this spine-tingling adventure aboard the longest consecutively running hayride in the state, boasting a terrifying legacy of over 37 years. Brace yourself as you pass through deep tunnels and twisted trees, encountering the remnants of a deranged family with a haunting history that spans centuries.

This haunted hayride is not for the faint of heart, so bring your bravest companions to share in the terror and excitement. As the tractor trails lead you through the horrors of Wilhelm Steelworks and the chilling haunted forest, be prepared to scream and jump out of your seat at the sight of lurking creatures. Surviving the entire harrowing trip, you’ll find yourself face-to-face with cannibalistic monsters and madmen.

Beware, this is only the beginning of the horrors that await you at The Haunting Experience. Gather your courage and prepare for an experience you won’t soon forget – if you make it out alive.


It would not be a trip to the Haunting Experience without hopping on the scariest haunted hayrides in Minnesota. Gather your family and friends, jump onboard, and take a ride on the longest consecutively running hayride in the state. With over 37 years of operation, we have a legacy of terror that our family has honed to leave our guests terrified.

So, if you dare to tread upon the haunted trails in MN, prepare for an unforgettable experience filled with fright and suspense. Minnesota’s oldest and most frightening haunted hayride attraction features deep tunnels and mysterious gnarled trees. You will also encounter the remnants of a twisted two-century old family, their bodies disfigured with insanity, age and the horrors of their past. Perhaps, they’ll invite you to stay with them in the Halloween hayride…or force you to haunt the stalks with them forever.


If you think you can handle the terrors of one of the most terrifying haunted hay rides in MN, round up your toughest friends and family. We’re waiting for you, rain or shine.

We are the best and longest haunted hayride in MN, and our guests agree! Here’s why they love it:

  • The haunted hayride is a great bonding experience. When you are all alone (at least, when you think you’re alone), you will need your friends or family to help you see through this whole trip. Even those who hate horror found themselves entertained by our creepy creatures who came their way. It is definitely worth your money!
  • It is worth the trip. Fear fans flock from all over the country to ride our renowned haunted hayride attraction. We are just 20 minutes away from the Twin Cities area. There may be a long wait on weekends with so many guests dropping by, but the drive and wait will be worth it when you experience the legacy of terror we have made. If you want to beat the long lines, you can always purchase a fast pass.
  • An unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a group of grown men or a party of teenagers, everyone is welcome to enjoy one of the best-haunted hayrides in MN – as long as you can handle a good scare. Many of our guests leave with an unforgettable experience, one that meets more than their greatest expectations.
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